Saturday, January 29, 2011

Asher's new swing

Thanks to the generosity of a friend, we have a swing on our porch now for Asher.

And he L-O-V-E-S it.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Trip to Savannah to see Granddad

It's been a tough month for the Kroboths. Rusty's Granddad in Savannah and his Grammy and Grandpop in Goldsboro have all been in and out of the hospital. Jan has been in Savannah taking care of her dad while Ed has been in Goldsboro taking care of his parents. Rusty and Richie have been alternating helping out in both locations.
Last weekend, we went to Savannah to visit Granddad and Nana. We stayed at a lovely little inn in downtown Savannah (in one of their baby-friendly rooms). It was Asher's first hotel stay and he loved it. He had everyone dazzled at breakfast each morning. And, he slept pretty well, too. (The drive home was another story, though.)

We hung out with Granddad and Nana and aunts and uncle and cousins. Asher zipped around the assisted living house in his walker. Everyone loved him! It was a nice time. I know that it's not the best of circumstances, but it was good to see everyone.

Christmas 2010 Snow

Asher's First Christmas

Wow. How, oh how, did I forget to post Christmas pics? Goodness gracious.

I'm sure I'll look back and be upset with myself for not better documenting the holidays. But, here we are a month later. Sigh.

This Christmas was Santa's first visit to our house. We made Happy Birthday Baby Jesus cupcakes. Had lots of family gatherings and present exchanges and big ,yummy meals. And we remembered Cille, a lot. It snowed, too. How special is that?

So, here's Christmas 2010 in photos.

Look what Santa brought!

Cousins Kaytan and Carter and Carter's helium tank.

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus cupcakes. Celebrating will be a family tradition.

Presents, presents!

Romero Christmas at our home.

Lifetime Sportsman.

Christmas Day.
Asher and Uncle Larry.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

9 months ago today.

There are no words to truly tell the story of the last nine months. All I can say is this is love. Love in its purest, strongest and most overwhelming form. We are blessed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A year with Asher.

As a Christmas gift for Rusty and family, Joni and I did a photo shoot here at home to create a 2011 calendar. Of course, Asher was our model and happily participated as we changed his outfits, props and locations. We wanted a theme for each month to go along with the adorable baby, to make it extra special. I'm really happy with how the pictures came out. (Now, I'm on the hunt for a 'real' camera. This kid is too cute to skimp out on camera quality. Of course, I'm totally biased.)

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