Monday, June 29, 2009

Don't have all the words just yet...

... to tell the story of our day - there is so much I want to say. For now, I am looking through thousands (literally) of pictures - over and over again. I'm looking around this house and realizing it's our home. I am so very thankful for the love that we felt all around us on that day and continue to feel now. Now, I am remembering our day, our friends, our family and our moment. Ah, and it makes me mushy inside. For now, I'm watching our ceremony online - over and over again - showing myself that we are, in fact, married and that our moment was perfect.

Allow me to share some of that with you, please at (Many thanks to Uncle Larry for capturing the moments and posting these clips online so I can spread the love and get all teary-eyed everytime I watch.)

Monday, June 8, 2009

El Kroboth Fiesta Forever

Richie and Anna Clay (Rusty's brother and sister in law) hosted a fabulous party for us on Saturday night. Since we are keeping our wedding small, most of our friends won't be celebrating with us on that official date. So, Richie and AC wanted to throw a party. And a party they threw!
The backyard was adorable with fiesta linens and tiki torches, a tub of beer and a huge dispenser of margaritas with fresh limes floating on top. Yum. (AC, multiple people said those were the best margs they've ever had. Yup.)
Rusty and Richie set up a big sheet (with the help of the neighbors) on the swing set and we projected our music videos throughout the party. Then, once it was nice and dark, we busted out the old school Nintendo games for a little competition. (You know you're thinking - ooh, I wanna play Super Mario right now!)
It was a great evening with great friends. Rusty and I are very thankful for each of you and looking forward to many fantastic memories (and fiestas) in the years ahead. Many thanks to AC and Richie for a job fabulously well done! Couldn't have been more fiesta-ly perfect.

El Kroboth Fiesta Forever!

Mom and Dad's dishes at home in our home

Mom and Dad registered for their fine china years ago when they tied the knot. I always loved it, so Mom passed it along to me for our home. I got a new tablecloth from a friend a few nights back. Add that to the rug and the pretty plates and I'm loving where our dining room is headed!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I think he may be right...

Got this link today from Rusty with the message: This is how your kids will be.


What I've been up to:

1. Trying to move some furniture and stuff into FutureHouse, yet still stay organized. Chaos. Thinking hard about how to bribe Mom to organize for us while we're in Mexico. The front living room is looking nice, though. See?

2. Trying to keep Jax from being sick all over the place. He's traumatized by the packing and such. We have meds from the doc now that are helping. Right, I wasn't joking. He's worried sick.

3. Attending celebrations and having fun times. Birthday and wedding stuff, both.

4. Working long, crazy and really intense hours. For example, I've worked on a site built from ground up in a day, and then rebuilt, and then leaked to the Washington Post (yes, for real) and then rebuilt again. It's still not live, so you can imagine that I'm still working on it.

5. Going furniture shopping with Grammy and Grandpop Kroboth. They are giving us a new bedroom set for our wedding present. We are so thankful and really excited for the darn delivery company to call and say it's all on the way. Of course, this then means we need to find an immediate home for the current furniture pieces. Adds to chaos (see number 1).

6. Learning to use my new iPhone. Yes, I have one. I read about all of the female-friendly apps and decided it was ok. So Rusty got me one for my birthday and I can ignore him with it as much as he does me with his. It's great for marital success, I'm sure of it!

7. Counting down the days (18) until Rusty and I will tie the knot, and then be in Mexico (19)!
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