Sunday, January 31, 2010

How amazing!

The Avent Ferry United Methodist Church here in Raleigh decided to have their Sunday service online today - because of the weather. Per the norm, I woke up and checked my phone to see what was going on on Facebook. I saw that my aunt Susan mentioned the online service because she saw it on the news. I was intrigued. What a wonderful use of social media!

I just went to the church's fan page on Facebook (props to them for having a fan page!) and was amazed by what I saw. Surely, there was a service to read along with - complete with a link to a video for the hymn, prayer requests and participation from others via prayer requests, amen's and comments. They even included the fellowship that usually follows a service (chit chat's in the parking lot, etc.) and people posted photos of their snow adventures and other celebrations. How truly amazing!

(How did this get on the news? Apparently, the pastor invited a friend who is communications director for the Methodist conference and he sent out a release. I think more media outlets should pick up this story!)

This makes me smile. I applaud the church's creativity and outreach. God is good!

Link to worship page here.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Update from our crib

Well, it snowed! Yay! I'd say there are maybe 5 inches here, and lots of icicles. Jax is romping around and I'm sitting around baking and eating and cooking and eating. And drinking water galore to make up for my lack of activity. I feel swollen already.

Anyways, Rusty is finally home from work and we had a nice dinner of white chicken chili with a side of sausage balls. I'm trying to not think about cookies already, but they may be in our future, too.

Before I forget, let me tell the story of what happened at Duke Perinatal on Friday - pre snowstorm. We went to meet with their gestational diabetes specialist. She starts the appointment by saying, "You have the strangest labs I've ever seen. Your numbers make no sense." Oh goodie.

Translation: It seems that the lab (Quest Diagnostics, stay away) did something wrong with my numbers. Or I'm a medical mystery, which could be true too, I suppose. But, she tends to think they entered all the numbers backwards meaning I would have normal glucose levels - and no gestational diabetes. She said we could put me on the diet plan and risk a scrawny baby (no, thanks) or do the three-hour glucose (torture) test again (no, thanks). So, we decided to send me home with a blood glucose meter to keep track of things for a week. And she said - eat whatever you want. This will allow us readings of my blood sugar in a normal week, and hopefully deduce if I'm a crazy medical case, a gestational diabetic or neither! We go back to Duke on Thursday for an ultrasound (yay!) and to go over the glucose meter readings.

So far, from what I've read and heard, my numbers seems ok. She didn't give me parameters (probably so I wouldn't try to fix myself and taint the results), so I'm sleuthing to get some numbers to compare to.

I hope to come to a certain conclusion on Thursday and have peace of mind. Talk about a mix up that causes all kinds of stress. Geesh.

Here are a few pics from our day. Note Jax peeing in the bottom corner of the house pic. Hee hee.

Friday, January 29, 2010

There is snow coming, little one.

Snow is coming. I'm looking forward to a weekend of pj's, warmth, hibernating and lots of baby flips in my belly. You see, Asher, your daddy is super duper majorly important and has to to go to work during snow like this. (Don't dare tell him otherwise.) You and I are going to stay home, research our new information on gestational diabetes, eat our new diet foods and bond. I'll likely hang out in your nursery for long periods of time, staring at all of your little things. I'll plan out how to hang your alphabet cards. I'll yell at Jax for trying to walk off with a toy or two. I'll tiptoe in the snow, walk carefully and keep you warm. Your daddy will be jealous he missed out on all the fun.

And then, you'll nudge around in there and I'll smile.We do that all the time, you and me.

Feet up above your heart

This is me last night. Feet up above my heart. I do believe I read this somewhere, or maybe it's just common knowledge. All I know is, I'm swollen. Especially at the end of the day. All of my socks - no matter their size, type or fabric - leave indentions in my legs. This is not pretty! I'm not used to this. It grosses me out. So, last night, I plop in bed reverse-wise and throw my feet up on the headboard. Maybe if I do this nightly - and flood myself with water throughout the day - it won't get worse.

28 weeks, 4 days. Asher, look at your momma's legs, boy!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Love this

“Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. "Pooh," he whispered.

"Yes, Piglet?"

"Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw, "I just wanted to be sure of you."

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It appears I have gestational diabetes. (Cue support now.)

I don't have any details yet. I just know that the doc called on Friday to tell me that I didn't pass the three-hour test. I have been referred to Duke Perinatal to meet with a specialist.

My OB nurse (aka Lucky Bearer of the News) mentioned that this is very manageable - though unsettling. She said I'd be using one of those little diabetic gadgets to check my blood sugars daily. Then, there will be the diet changes that will be discussed with me. Some have to take insulin shots. She didn't mention that to me, but I'll get the official results and plan of action at Duke.

I do remember hearing the words "more ultrasounds" to monitory the baby's size. Finally - a positive; I'll get to see him more. This will medically be to keep an eye on his size. Babies of mommies with gestational diabetes get large, large, large.

I am purposefully avoiding googling 'gestational diabetes'. I don't want to freak myself out. I will remain blissfully almost-ignorant until my appointment rolls around. Hopefully, I'll hear back and official appointment date and time tomorrow. And then, we'll become GD experts.

It's all worth it. Baby Asher is so worth it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby Asher

There it is. Our sweet boy's sweet name. (Rusty would probably prefer I choose another adjective, but I like sweet.)

So, where did the name come from? When we found out the babe was a boy we were surprised. (We already had our girl name picked out and all signs (aka wives tales) seemed to point to little lady.) So, there we are, waiting for the doctor to come in and trying to absorb that we officially knew we were having a little boy. I was immediately obsessed with the fact that I had no boy names in mind at all - and he needed a name. Pronto.

Rusty, meanwhile, decided it'd be great to pick our kid's name based on its relationship to music somehow.

In comes the iPhone. You knew the iPhone had to play a crucial role in this huge decision, right?

We start browsing Rusty's music list. Asher jumped out at me. It's the artist's name who sings this ridiculous song about college. Rusty says "Yes!". I thought I'd have a tough time getting Rusty to agree to a more original name, so his warming to the name Asher was great for me. I thought, if this is how it has to happen, I'm down with it.

I did a name meaning search like a good mom. Turns out, Asher is Hebrew for happy and blessed. Two words that I hope will continue to describe our son throughout his life. *sigh* Love it.

Asher's middle name, Ray, is my dad's middle name. We think it's a perfect match with Asher and brings along with it a little southern drawl. Adorable.

Little baby Asher Ray. Our little guy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yay! Me in my new car!

To my surprise, Rusty came home and said my car was here and ready for pick up tonight! Yippee!

It's too dark to show a pic of the car. Coming soon! :)

Glucose tolerance test, whoopee!

Well, I failed my one-hour glucose screening at my OB. So, today, I got to go to Quest Diagnostics (yay me) for the three-hour glucose tolerance test. It's the next step up in testing and will likely come back normal, but if not, I will be diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I should know in 48-72 hours.

It's all worth it.

But, to be honest, it sucked.

The stuff was twice as strong as the glucose orange drink from the first test. And I had to start fasting last night. Not so much as a drop of water until the test was over. Blah. It was nasty. It made my head throb, my whole body jittery and overall, just feel gross. And I had to sit there for over three hours and have my blood drawn over and over. Not trying to host a pity party here, just venting.

I came home, ate some grub and took a nap. And I still feel all wacky.

But, there is salsa chicken in the crock pot. (Night two of new recipes from a friend. Last night was cream cheese spinach casserole. Yummy.) And there will be basketball on TV and maybe the Tarholes will lose again. And there's a baby in my belly. And my husband will come home from work and snuggle me. Life is good. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sweet anticipation - your sweet name

Well, little one, we've settled on a name for you. And there's a cute Kira & Rusty story behind it that I'm sure you will roll your eyes about one day. But, for now, we think we've picked out the perfect name. And we have tried it on for size here and there, referring to you as you bump around in the belly. And it seems to fit.

For now, I'm going to share your initials. We are going to be sure family knows your full name before telling it to the whole world. Have fun name guessers! Full, sweet, awesome name coming soon.

Dear tail bone, why do you hurt me so?

Ok, well, I know why. My pregnancy hormones are doing their job. They are making the ligaments loose so things can loosen, stretch, spread - and, well, hurt. And I'm glad things are doing what they should be doing. But holy crap, this hurts!

I am alternating between feeling like I've been riding a bicycle for hours and left bruised and shoot pains up my left rear cheek. Yep, I'm going in detail here people. My tail hurts. When I wake up in the middle of the night - it's like I have to pry my legs from their left side/pillow/curled up position to walkable limbs. And it HURTS. I groan and moan and curse and Rusty groans back because I'm disturbing him. I will refrain from a hormonal wife comment here.

So now I'm really into the Mayo Clinic healthy preggo stretches. And I'm determined to stretch this out.

Little precious baby boy, you are worth it all. Just remember who is your favorite parent. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Kroboth Family Travelers are going to need one of these!

I found this online via a baby blog. Isn't it divine? It seems it won a design contest but maybe isn't being made yet. No matter, I'm sure it's incredibly pricey. But, holy convenient!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Date night, I wore my new hot pink tights.

My approach to feeling spunky while growing larger = hot pink tights.

And, just an overall attempt to look better, dress well and feel spunky. And, two days in, this approach is working. See exhibit A above. (This doesn't mean that I am not sporting leggings and sweats around the house and the Harris Teeter, mind you.)

Let me just say, though, that I think the pregnancy hair has arrived. (Knock on wood.) Early on, I was griping because my skin was breaking out (It's cleared up.) and my hair was falling out and would not cooperate. And now, my hair is so agreeable. It doesn't need washing as often, it's thicker, its even gets wavy now and then. It's manageable. It's quite divine. (Note: This could also be related to my hair coloring trip to the salon, but I'd like to think this pregnancy is helping me out.)

Also on the scene: My growing chest (sorry Dad). Growing thighs, growing butt. Growing belly (yay!). I've added Dr. Scholl's gell thingies to my wardrobe, as the items above are wreaking havoc on my feetsies.

Oh, and that sneeze and pee thing I kept hearing about. You can check that off the list, too. (I quickly learned over Christmas that you can exchange 'sneeze' for 'cough' and it's still accurate.)

Enough rambling, I suppose. I'm loving this phase of pregnancy. It feels great to feel him kicking and squirming around. 25 weeks today! 105 days to go. Yay!

Clearly, it's been such a rough day.


Sweet anticipation - special delivery!

Yay! Tonight, I got home and was greeted by the babe's carseat and his nursery rug. So excited!

(Jax was beyond freaked out by the big box for some reason. It was quite entertaining.)

Little ones sure need a lot of stuff. And there's still so much more to get!

Good times, good times. Great times ahead!
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