Monday, January 18, 2010

Dear tail bone, why do you hurt me so?

Ok, well, I know why. My pregnancy hormones are doing their job. They are making the ligaments loose so things can loosen, stretch, spread - and, well, hurt. And I'm glad things are doing what they should be doing. But holy crap, this hurts!

I am alternating between feeling like I've been riding a bicycle for hours and left bruised and shoot pains up my left rear cheek. Yep, I'm going in detail here people. My tail hurts. When I wake up in the middle of the night - it's like I have to pry my legs from their left side/pillow/curled up position to walkable limbs. And it HURTS. I groan and moan and curse and Rusty groans back because I'm disturbing him. I will refrain from a hormonal wife comment here.

So now I'm really into the Mayo Clinic healthy preggo stretches. And I'm determined to stretch this out.

Little precious baby boy, you are worth it all. Just remember who is your favorite parent. :)

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