Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Picture me here... literally

The countdown has begun for our Jamaica vacation. And boy do we need a vacay (we being Rusty and me). Here's where we will be staying, if you are a travel nut like me and want to check it out: Samsara Cliffs Resort.

I'd like to take some school supplies with me for the poorer schools in the area. Apparently there are multiple ways to see that they make it to the people who need it the most. If you'd like to donate something, let me know. I will make room in the suitcase.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Highlights from the big city of Chicago

I'm back. But only after 12 excruciating hours in airports (Mindy's great company excluded). I mean what is with airlines these days? 12 hours sitting around just to fly a two-hour trip. But I digress.
Here are a few photos from the trip. We spent an overwhelming majority of our time bouncing between three rooms during the conference. We're talking hours. Thankfully, the presenters had a lot to say that I wanted to hear. I learned a lot.
Overall, our stay at the Hotel Sax was pleasurable. I had a slight issue with a dirty room, but they took good care of me. As a germ-a-phobe, that tends to put a negative light on my stay. However, their special-made toiletries were every girl's dream.
True to my cheap nature, I needed some good 'ole shopping deals! The second night, we found the greatest strip of bargain shopping choices on State Street and ate at a great restaurant called Atwood Cafe (conveniently located next door to Nordstrom's Off the Rack). And let's not forget my fave part of Chicago - the Water Taxi. Taking a boat taxi down a gorgeous river through a big city? Pretty great experience. With boats every 10 minutes and trips costing only $2, it was the best option to get to and from the conference.

(Denise - I cannot wait until you move there. I'm so visiting all the time. I'll introduce you to the Water Taxi and you find me some more shopping spots!)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Heading to Chicago!

Tomorrow, I'm flying up to Chicago to attend the Web Content 2008 conference. This will be my first web conference, so I'm super excited to wear jeans and flip-flops, relax and learn some new things. And for you worriers, don't worry, I have a traveling companion. Mindy, one of my coworkers, is going with me.

Here's a link to the conference: http://www.webcontent2008.com/
And here's our swanky hotel: http://www.hotelsaxchicago.com/

If you have any dining or entertainment recommendations, holla at ya girl, because I know nothing about this grand city. And, everything I do is on the company tab, so I'm all about living it up! (All except my shopping excursion at H&M, sadly.)

I've been asked to post on the Capstrat blog while I'm there, so keep an eye out if you want to hear more about CMS's, project management, social media or marketing in the 2.0 world. The link is over to the right ----> in the list of links.

Bon voyage!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


So, a colleague and I were talking about the marvel of dip. We admitted we'd make a whole dish and eat it as a meal (all alone). We then decided that there should be a lunch entirely devoted to dip. Thus began the DipClub of Capstrat. We even have our own page on the Capstrat Wiki.

The June edition of the DipClub Lunch was opened to the entire office, after a successful trial run in May with a smaller crowd. And we ended up with about 20 different dips. It was so yummy.

You should really start one at your job. Here are the official rules:
  • You must bring a dip to eat a dip. Oh, and this must be a homemade dip. No running to the store for chips and salsa, or any such cheating.
  • You will be asked to share your dip's name in the days before, to avoid duplicates. Afterwards, we all share our recipes.
  • You must bring a serving container, serving apparatus (spoon) and a dip ingestion tool. This can include but is not limited to: tortilla chips, potato chips, pita chips, veggies, wheat thins, etc.

Kirapalooza 2008

My cuzs are doing such a remarkable job of blogging that I figure I should start. I'm trying to convince all of my child-bearing friends to start a blog. It's really a fabulous way of keeping up with everyone... especially when you're not close by.

For those who don't know, the week of my birth has been officially named Kirapalooza. This year, Rusty opened up his house for us on the coast and 10 of us went down for a weekend to celebrate. Here are some highlights.

Here's the dock and boatlift at the Kroboth Crystal Coast Castle.

The Kirapalooza beach headquarters @ Shackelford Banks.

Jellyfish! I was told it was a Cabbage Head Jellyfish and they don't sting. Going by the wisdom of Dory in Finding Nemo, I gave it a shot. Chris even later picked it up. It had no tentacles. Very neat to see up close.

Cooks in the kitchen. Heidi was the snack queen! Rusty did the grill and Charles stuck with his South Beach diet. And Cameron was my happy helper!

The ladies of Kirapalooza. Where is Natalie?

I look like I'm totally athletic and doing something super important.

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