Monday, June 23, 2008

Highlights from the big city of Chicago

I'm back. But only after 12 excruciating hours in airports (Mindy's great company excluded). I mean what is with airlines these days? 12 hours sitting around just to fly a two-hour trip. But I digress.
Here are a few photos from the trip. We spent an overwhelming majority of our time bouncing between three rooms during the conference. We're talking hours. Thankfully, the presenters had a lot to say that I wanted to hear. I learned a lot.
Overall, our stay at the Hotel Sax was pleasurable. I had a slight issue with a dirty room, but they took good care of me. As a germ-a-phobe, that tends to put a negative light on my stay. However, their special-made toiletries were every girl's dream.
True to my cheap nature, I needed some good 'ole shopping deals! The second night, we found the greatest strip of bargain shopping choices on State Street and ate at a great restaurant called Atwood Cafe (conveniently located next door to Nordstrom's Off the Rack). And let's not forget my fave part of Chicago - the Water Taxi. Taking a boat taxi down a gorgeous river through a big city? Pretty great experience. With boats every 10 minutes and trips costing only $2, it was the best option to get to and from the conference.

(Denise - I cannot wait until you move there. I'm so visiting all the time. I'll introduce you to the Water Taxi and you find me some more shopping spots!)

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Kira said...

I should add - you can totally get McDonald's Sweet Tea in Chicago! Certainly a pleasant surprise for me, the McD's sweet tea addict.

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