Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fresh Produce summer time style

Let's be honest, I rarely get out of my yoga pants these days. And I'm ok with that mostly. But I"m trying to get dressed a little more at least a couple of days a week. I think it helps me mentally.

So, when Fresh Produce  reached out to me back in April about picking out a new dress to review for them, I was all over it. Of course, it's now July and I'm probably on their 'Do Not Send This Woman Product To Review' list that is likely circulated through the interwebs. But, alas, better late than never right?

When this dress arrived, I immediately loved the colors and fabric print. It reminded me of peacock colors. And the cut of the dress was something different than I usually gravitate to (with the varying length), but it's flattering. And fun. And - nursing moms - it's nursable. I just slip off the strap and ta da.

I wore it this weekend for our family trip to the park. I had intentions of taking the pics with the 'good' camera, but the humidity had other plans. And the heat made for sweaty boys, so our outing was quite short. These are the few pics I was able to convince Rusty to snap.

There are some cute items online at Fresh Produce. And again, not all my style, but once I poked around I found a lot that I really liked. All flattering for my new mom curves, too. And let's be honest, a website with a section called 'vacation clothes' = love that.

Enjoy browsing (and shopping?)! Here's my Impromptu Dress in Figi and some other good links:
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