Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3 years and 2 kids later

I figure I should step out of my blogging absence for an occasion such as this.

Today is my third wedding anniversary.

I had a nice lunch date with the hubs, after changing clothes due to spit up followed by a blast from the water hose. We enjoyed the quiet time just the two of us, talking about days past and future.

Got me to thinking back on things. Remember our honeymoon video? Ah, cracks me up still.

Then there is our sweet, down-home wedding with a pre-ception in the Ball Airfield Hanger.

I loved all the little details of our day, especially our casual candlelight ceremony.

And sharing our anniversary with Rusty's grandparents makes it all even better. Grandpop's words to us on our wedding day - "If you get married on June 20, you are going to be married a long, long time." - I sure hope are true.

So, happy anniversary babe. We've come a long darn way in three years! :)
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