Thursday, October 29, 2009

Adventures on Chancery Place

Here we are on tree-trimming day. And what a difference it made... after scaring me with Rusty up a ladder with a chainsaw and after making a huge mess of our yard... our yard and house look fabulous from the road now.
You can see I was working hard as safety supervisor.

Our Chicago visit

Rusty and I went and visited Denise and Mike over Labor Day weekend. And I'm so slack I haven't posted any pics from the adventure. Shame on me.

Here's scoop --

We landed and went downtown to Millenium Park. They had a few drinks. I drank lemonade or something equally not as great as a margarita.

During our time we also went to the zoo, the Science & Industry Museum and toured the u-boat.

And hung out in their adorable Roscoe Village neighborhood.

Let me just say - I LOVE Chicago. I only half-loved NYC during our trips. But I LOVE Chicago. It's pretty and clean and has gorgeous waterfront. And the little neighborhoods and row houses are totally my style.

(Miss you, Neek.)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

14 weeks and growing

(And yes, I recognize the bathroom background is messy. Normally I cannot handle mess, but lately I'm just so tired that I let it sit until I get a burst of energy. No judgment!)

Hello 14 weeks, glad you're here! And along with you came...
  • A flatter, less inverted belly button. It's strange.
  • A less frequent urge to gag. I can sometimes even pour the dog food without gagging. Ok, just twice, but that's progress.
  • Headaches. Or maybe this is from the H1N1 vaccine.
  • Comfy maternity pants. Ah, they are divinely comfortable.
  • My still unruly, won't-do-a-thing hair. But, hair appointment on Monday may help with that.
  • Tighter shirts. My once loose Sea Gate t-shirt looked like a fitted tee last night. Nice.
  • Huge appetite. Perhaps only for that one thing that sounds good, but I'll eat the heck out of it.
  • Stomach gurgles and rumblings.
  • Feeling full all the time, like I just ate a huge meal but I didn't.
  • Better nights of sleep, compared to the insomnia of earlier.
  • Strong sense of smell. That new furnace we're getting today better not make a tiny leak of gas smell or we're in for trouble.
  • Continued skin issues of a teenager.
  • Sweet husband who's excited about being a dad. Yippee!
  • Lots of quick, sneaky glances at my stomach by my coworkers.
  • Yawns, yawns and more yawns.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Second trimester here we are!

Well, according to some of the books and Web sites we're in the second trimester. Other things say week 14, some docs say week 12. And to make it even more complicated, we are 13 weeks 2 days today which means I've been 'pregnant' for 13 weeks and 2 days - technically in the 14th week. Couple this with the whole you are 2 weeks pregnant upon conception and it becomes really complicated.

All I know is last night, I was coming to bed and Rusty was checking his 'What to Expect' iPhone app and it informed him we are in our second trimester. He said "Happy second trimester birthday!" After going through some of the above stats, I finally just agreed - ok, we are in the second trimester! Woooooo hooooo!

So, why did I wake up retching and gagging again at the pouring of the dog food? And why did my nausea appear at its usual lunch time hour? And why does nothing still sound good for dinner? I don't know, second trimester, you've got some more magic to do. I'm ready to feel better!

And baby, one day when you read this - worry not: it's all totally worth you growing in my belly and being here with us.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mark your calendars for a super important event!

The world’s first ever iPhone-using-hip-hop-loving-baby-genius coming in April. None other than Baby Kroboth, of course!

That's right, we're growing a baby! (And boy has this been a hard secret to keep!) We are thrilled to announce that we're about 12 and a half weeks preggo. Little baby genius is due April 19.

Now you know why my blog has been so quiet... once you realize you're pregnant, it's so hard to write anything about anything else. The little life becomes your world!
But now you'll be able to tune in and keep up with everything. I have so much to write!

The short scoop: I have felt pretty darn crappy. Rusty has been super fabulous dealing with it. And we're both diving into baby books and reading our fruit/vegetable weekly updates.... which we learned last night that baby rapper is about the size of a peach.

We'd appreciate your prayers for a healthy baby and pregnancy, and for God's will to be done with our new family. (Of course, any trendy, adorable maternity clothes donations are also appreciated. And don't worry, I'm up to speed on all of the H1N1 news and I'm hunting down a vaccine as soon as the pregger-safe version is released.)

Fun times ahead!

(Ultrasound photo, 8 weeks 4 days)

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