Wednesday, October 21, 2009

14 weeks and growing

(And yes, I recognize the bathroom background is messy. Normally I cannot handle mess, but lately I'm just so tired that I let it sit until I get a burst of energy. No judgment!)

Hello 14 weeks, glad you're here! And along with you came...
  • A flatter, less inverted belly button. It's strange.
  • A less frequent urge to gag. I can sometimes even pour the dog food without gagging. Ok, just twice, but that's progress.
  • Headaches. Or maybe this is from the H1N1 vaccine.
  • Comfy maternity pants. Ah, they are divinely comfortable.
  • My still unruly, won't-do-a-thing hair. But, hair appointment on Monday may help with that.
  • Tighter shirts. My once loose Sea Gate t-shirt looked like a fitted tee last night. Nice.
  • Huge appetite. Perhaps only for that one thing that sounds good, but I'll eat the heck out of it.
  • Stomach gurgles and rumblings.
  • Feeling full all the time, like I just ate a huge meal but I didn't.
  • Better nights of sleep, compared to the insomnia of earlier.
  • Strong sense of smell. That new furnace we're getting today better not make a tiny leak of gas smell or we're in for trouble.
  • Continued skin issues of a teenager.
  • Sweet husband who's excited about being a dad. Yippee!
  • Lots of quick, sneaky glances at my stomach by my coworkers.
  • Yawns, yawns and more yawns.

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Barry Campbell said...

Yayyyyy! I can see your baby bump! Yayayayayyay!

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