Sunday, April 26, 2009

Once upon a time...

... there was a girl named Kira with a friend named Melissa, who had a task to do. The task of addressing and mailing Kira's wedding invitations. And Melissa, being Kira's best friend, knew what an important task this was. So, Melissa documented the activities via photography. And while Kira thought it was a little ridiculous at the time, she thinks now that having the pictures is pretty spectacular.

Thanks, Melus! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pretty Adorableness

So, I coerced my future hubs to go take some 'pre-wedding' photos at the WRAL Gardens to mark this special time in our lives. (And so we can look back and remember how young and lovely we were 'back then'.)

Yes, the photos can't be tagged 'masculine' and, in fact, they are pretty frilly. But that's just it, they are pretty. Pretty fantastic and pretty fabulous!

(Many thanks to my aunt, Shirley, who played the role of the photographer. She's got the eye of the artist that she is, and we owe these great shots to her! Thanks, Shirley! We love you!)

Here are some of our favorites... well, my favorites.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Me? Married? A wifey?

Every now and then, I stop and think: wow, I'm going to be married in a couple of months. And then I get a silly grin on my face. In some ways I think this will be a huge change for both Rusty and me, but in other ways it feels like a natural, most-perfect next step. I've spruced up my favorite part of our house - the huge screened in porch. And I'm slowly moving things over to make the official move less of a task. And the more I move and clean and plant flowers and decorate, the more giddy I get. I'm going to be a wifey. (And I promise you, Rusty, I'll be a fabulous one.)

So, in between my marital realizations, I'm swamped at work. And in this economy, there's no room to complain. But, I'm exhausted mentally and physically and I truly need a break from it all. This is where Playa comes in - our honeymoon. When the day gets to be more than I can handle, I picture us hanging out in Mexico with a margarita in my hand and some kind of Mexican beer in Rusty's. Here are some real photos of where we're headed, and the images I picture in my mind when I need a breather.

Yay! Good times are a'comin!

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