Friday, April 3, 2009

Me? Married? A wifey?

Every now and then, I stop and think: wow, I'm going to be married in a couple of months. And then I get a silly grin on my face. In some ways I think this will be a huge change for both Rusty and me, but in other ways it feels like a natural, most-perfect next step. I've spruced up my favorite part of our house - the huge screened in porch. And I'm slowly moving things over to make the official move less of a task. And the more I move and clean and plant flowers and decorate, the more giddy I get. I'm going to be a wifey. (And I promise you, Rusty, I'll be a fabulous one.)

So, in between my marital realizations, I'm swamped at work. And in this economy, there's no room to complain. But, I'm exhausted mentally and physically and I truly need a break from it all. This is where Playa comes in - our honeymoon. When the day gets to be more than I can handle, I picture us hanging out in Mexico with a margarita in my hand and some kind of Mexican beer in Rusty's. Here are some real photos of where we're headed, and the images I picture in my mind when I need a breather.

Yay! Good times are a'comin!

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