Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meet our little guy!

Look at that sweet face.
(Profile, little mouth is opening. We watched him swallow fluid.)

Here are his 'boy parts'. (Sorry, kid, had to do it!) Rusty couldn't decipher what he was seeing, so we saw it from all angles until Rusty got the hang of it.

Side profile - look closely and you'll see his teeth buds. (Note: bright white = bone)

Look inside the brain. Looking smart, naturally.

Here's a side profile shot. You can see his tiny ear and his arm going up by his neck. Adorable.

"Hi, mom and dad. I love you, too. This little wave is just for you."

He's looking straight at us in this one. You can see his eye socket, nose, and his right arm and hand waving.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I've got that boy, boy, boy joy...

... down in my heart. (Where?) Down in my heart! (Where?) Down in my heart! I've got that boy, boy, boy joy down in my heart. Down in my heart to stay!

I'm singing that over here. Still a little shocked we're having a boy when I felt fairly certain it was a girl. But perhaps, I would have felt a little shocked either way - a real shock - an identity shock. Our baby is a gender, and it's a boy. We have a son on the way!

We're going to get good scans of all our photos tomorrow, but I promised an update tonight. So, here's a pick of five little fingers waving around in there. So freaking precious. Warms my heart.

Everything looks right on track. Little fella is looking healthy. He's 10 oz! (2.5 sticks of butter weigh about the same.)

Grow on, little guy. What a great big blessing! We look forward to meeting you in April. Until then, we'll be loving on you, talking to you, singing to you and tinkering with the perfect name.

God, please watch over our son and let Your will be done. We are so thankful.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

16 weeks, 3 days: goodbye old shape, hello new shape

I"m officially kissing my shape goodbye for a while. And sure, you'll say I don't look that different (translation: big, curvy) blah blah, but I can tell. There are lots of changes. I see photos like that little wedding photo up there to the right and think "Wow, I don't look like that anymore." But I will again one day. For now, I'm a baby growing machine. Why does that make me want to tear up writing it?

Cue the emotions. We're. Having. A. Baby. Us. And that's awesomely awesome.

I'm feeling better, yep. Rusty said I was actually smiley the other moring. That must mean I'm feeling better!

(The photo above was taken by me (late) last night after spending the evening at Raleigh's most upscale nightspot with my tipsy husband listening to an old school rapper that he loves. Clearly I'm feeling better if I actually carried through and attended such an event on a Wednesday night.)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hopefully now, we're living a little safer.

I always suspected that old furnace had a problem. The house would have this awful gas smell every fall and winter. Rusty would say, that's how it is with all gas furnaces. I'd question that. Something just wasn't right. And I later learned my hunch was correct. That thing had all kinds of issues. But, now we have a new one! Yay!

And, even better, it appears the random men that came and installed it (from a very detailed CraigsList ad and series of interviews from Rusty) seem to have maybe had a clue what they were doing. So far, so good!

Check out the obvious improvement.

Sweet anticipation - Alphabet cards on their way!

And thanks to the brilliant Lindsey Bennett, these are now on their way to the wall of our little one's nursery-in-the-works. Or some sort of equally fabulous art project.

Sweet anticipation - Tuesday's thoughts

This is cute and makes me smile.

And this is preciously sweet.

And this library of classics makes me happy.

And I love, love, love this nursery inspiration.

And this one, too.

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