Thursday, November 5, 2009

16 weeks, 3 days: goodbye old shape, hello new shape

I"m officially kissing my shape goodbye for a while. And sure, you'll say I don't look that different (translation: big, curvy) blah blah, but I can tell. There are lots of changes. I see photos like that little wedding photo up there to the right and think "Wow, I don't look like that anymore." But I will again one day. For now, I'm a baby growing machine. Why does that make me want to tear up writing it?

Cue the emotions. We're. Having. A. Baby. Us. And that's awesomely awesome.

I'm feeling better, yep. Rusty said I was actually smiley the other moring. That must mean I'm feeling better!

(The photo above was taken by me (late) last night after spending the evening at Raleigh's most upscale nightspot with my tipsy husband listening to an old school rapper that he loves. Clearly I'm feeling better if I actually carried through and attended such an event on a Wednesday night.)

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