Thursday, July 28, 2011

Videos: Around the house

I don't remember exactly when Asher started spinning around. But it's hilarious. He gets so dizzy and stumbles around. And, yes, we laugh. Here's a video. He loves it.

And tonight, just now. Asher's flying around the living room like he's in a Jetson's space vehicle. Ok, yes, this is maybe far fetched. But it entertained me. (As a side note, this cool toy - the Bilibo - encourages creative play. It has no real purpose. And it can be used for so much. Tonight, it's a fly mobile.)

Now I lay me down to sleep....

Here's a random thought for you all. One that I think of at night when Asher and I are saying our prayers.

You know the part, "Guard me Jesus through the night, wake me in the morning light."

I used to think, "Wake me in the morning light? Um, I'd rather sleep way past the morning light." (Yes, these are the thoughts of an overthinker. I won't even go into the revisions I make to the prayer to cover all of my OCD thoughts and ramblings.)

Anyways, multiple times post-Asher when saying that prayer I have thought, "Yes, please wake me in the morning light and not before. Please. No nighttime wakings."

And that is my random thought for your day.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


This morning, I broke out the Fisher Price airport sets from my childhood days. I've been waiting for the day that I could introduce these to Asher. I have so many memories of playing with this set and my cousins out at Cille's house. Thankfully, my aunt held onto the toys so I could pass them on to Asher.

How fun! Love the vintage look. Now I just need to hit up ebay for the accessories. We seem to be missing all the people and cars. But, we do have the passenger jet (with its broken wing).

Currently Asher is relocating the regional airport and teething on the fuel pump. Good times. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

2 under 2: You can call us crazy

Here we go again, ya'll. Yep, we're pregnant. Well, I'm pregnant. Rusty is busy being a very supportive, helpful husband of a preggo. Asher is busy being a toddler that loves climbing all over his momma. I'm busy being nauseous With a peak in the misery in the evenings.

Thankfully, my new OB (love!) gave me a prescription med to help with the night nausea and to encourage rest. So, that's helpful. Very helpful.

I realize how blessed we are to be able to add to our family. And I promise to try to keep that in mind while I'm complaining. But, people, the first trimester is just downright largely unpleasant. And again, I remind myself of this awesome blessing and of being thankful for it all.

Anyways, for those who like details (like me), here is the scoop.

No, this wasn't planned. It wasn't really not planned either though. So, let's just say it came as a surprise.

I had a few things seem off. A few pains in my side that immediately reminded me of pregnancy. And my food (read: favorite brownies) tasted completely different. And, I started having night sweats and crazy dreams.

I thought, could I be? No. But I'll just pee on a stick to be sure. (Girls love peeing on sticks. It's addictive.) So, I did. And it was glaring back at me all positive before I could even put it down on the floor for the 3-minute wait period. I flipped out. Called my besties and flipped out some more. One pointed out that father's day was that coming up weekend, and I should tell Rusty that day. Perfect!

When I calculated the due date (February 17, 2012) myself, I got a little worried. Having a newborn in flu season was not at the top of my list of preferred due dates. It's going to be a true test of my medication. And a test in the patience of my loved ones.

I then quickly went from 'flu season' to 'holy crap, Asher won't even be 2 yet.' So yes, my friends, I'm going to be a mom of 2 under 2. And it's going to be awesome. I just know it.

And yes, you can call us crazy. I know that's what you're thinking. It'll be a wild ride. Oh boy.

Anyways, I still don't know how I kept my mouth shut for 4 or 5 whole days. But I did. Father's Day morning, I dressed Asher bright and early in his 'I'm the big brother' t-shirt (thanks to Amazon's ridiculously fast shipping) and marched him in to wake up his dada. I captured the entire production on video. So freaking precious. And worth the wait. Rusty was over the moon excited!

From that day, we kept the secret mostly to ourselves. Of course, we told Joni so she could understand my moodiness, sleepiness, weight gain, food aversions, dry heaving and all that glory.

Last week, we went to the doctor's office for our first ultrasound to check on Numero Dos. Dos was looking right on track (8 weeks 4 days at the time) and we're now 9 weeks 3 days pregnant. Dos looks perfect. Asher squirmed around, impatient in the exam room and still managed to dazzle all the nurses.

Afterwards, we used the big bro tshirt to tell our families. And of course, they are all very excited for us.

And I keep alternating between 'I feel like total shit' and 'Yay another baby'. I realize those are total opposite ends of the emotional spectrum.

So, I'll stop rambling for now.

We would appreciate prayers for a healthy pregnancy and for God's will to be done with our family. I trust in His plan for us. And I know that this pregnancy happened just when God meant for it to and this little one is another gift from Him to us. We are, indeed, very blessed.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you, and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.    Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby sign language: it works for us!

We've been signing with Asher since probably around four months. We weren't super good at always doing it, and keeping that consistency up. But, over time, Asher started picking up on signs despite our scattered teachings.

He used to scream and grunt and shake his hands and chair when he wanted more. And scream like, "MmmmMHH, MMmmmHH." One night, Joni imitated him. And from that night on, he started signing 'more'. It's as if he realized he was acting a fool. Today, he reliably signs 'more' whenever he wants more. And it's fantastic!

We've also added a few other signs. 'All done' comes in handy when we're trying to figure out if mealtime is finally over. 'Please' to teach him manners. And 'tweet tweet' for all those chirping birds. We're currently working on 'dog', 'eat' and 'tree'.

He seems to be picking them up so well now. And each time he pulls one out of his pocket on his own, I beam with pride. And it's so stinking awesome to be able to communicate with him at this age. As in truly communicate his wants and needs. I'm hoping it helps keep tantrums to a manageable minimum as we grow up over here.

Little story. The other day, we were riding down the road. And I said, "Look, Asher at all the birds" (commenting on the geese scattered all around). I peered in the mirror to see if he was looking. And he was signing 'tweet tweet'. Heart. Exploded.

We've been using the Baby Signing Time videos as well as Rusty, Joni and me using signs around the house. I highly recommend signing with little ones. It's freaking awesome! And, I'm not sure what it is about those Signing videos, but babies seem to love them. You turn it on, and even at a very young age, Asher was mesmerized. And, I don't feel guilty because it's so educational. Hooray for signing!

Catching up: July 4th weekend

We had a fairly non eventful Fourth of July. We stayed around the house and tackled a big to do list of home improvement items. We felt very productive! We didn't venture out for fireworks because we were paranoid about messing up Asher's (halfway) sleep schedule. He's been a crazy sporadic sleeper lately, and we didn't want to tempt fate. Lame, I know. But, just wait until you people are blessed with a non-sleeper. You'll understand. :)

We also took a family outing to the Raleigh National Cemetery to place roses on Cille's and Grandpa Paul's grave. I think photos in a cemetery are kind of morbid (persosnal opinion), but I wanted to share a few of these. They are pretty special to me.

Catching up: a dinner with the Kroboths

Last week (was it last week? maybe the week before?), we went to Goldsboro for dinner with Grammy, Grandpop, Nana and Pop Pop. We had a nice meal and afterwards shared a big Happy Anniversary cookie cake with everyone.

We share our wedding anniversary with Grammy and Grandpop. Last year, they surprised us with a cake at their house. This year, we surprised them!

Asher was in love with Grandpop's cane. He was darting all around with that thing. Finally, he was (kinda) willing to give it back.

He entertained us all!

Catching up: a day at Falls Lake

Yep. You can stop worrying. We're all alive and well over here. I'm not even sure what happened to prevent me from blogging for so long. I think it's probably partly because I knew I had a ton of photos I wanted to share from my new camera and the whole uploading, editing, posting seemed overwhelming. Because I have THAT many photos I'm in love with.

So, anyways, here goes some catching up.

Asher and I went and spent the day at Falls Lake with my parents a few weeks back. It was super hot out side, but thankfully their camper had AC and all that good stuff. Rusty had a lot of work to do, so we packed up and left him to do his thing for the day. (I still don't understand why he can't get work done with Asher tugging on his leg and me stopping him every two seconds. Humpfh.)

Here are some pics from the day. Asher's really loving the water these days. And, of course, he's as attached to nature as always. Love it.

Well, while they were there, my dad got bit on the eye by a wasp. And, whoa, it swelled up like you wouldn't believe. And, I'm not going to post a picture without his permission. It was that bad. So, Rusty, Asher and I went back the next day to oversee the packing up of everything and ensure it was safe for him to drive home. Here are pics from that day. (Told you I had a lot of pics.)

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