Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby sign language: it works for us!

We've been signing with Asher since probably around four months. We weren't super good at always doing it, and keeping that consistency up. But, over time, Asher started picking up on signs despite our scattered teachings.

He used to scream and grunt and shake his hands and chair when he wanted more. And scream like, "MmmmMHH, MMmmmHH." One night, Joni imitated him. And from that night on, he started signing 'more'. It's as if he realized he was acting a fool. Today, he reliably signs 'more' whenever he wants more. And it's fantastic!

We've also added a few other signs. 'All done' comes in handy when we're trying to figure out if mealtime is finally over. 'Please' to teach him manners. And 'tweet tweet' for all those chirping birds. We're currently working on 'dog', 'eat' and 'tree'.

He seems to be picking them up so well now. And each time he pulls one out of his pocket on his own, I beam with pride. And it's so stinking awesome to be able to communicate with him at this age. As in truly communicate his wants and needs. I'm hoping it helps keep tantrums to a manageable minimum as we grow up over here.

Little story. The other day, we were riding down the road. And I said, "Look, Asher at all the birds" (commenting on the geese scattered all around). I peered in the mirror to see if he was looking. And he was signing 'tweet tweet'. Heart. Exploded.

We've been using the Baby Signing Time videos as well as Rusty, Joni and me using signs around the house. I highly recommend signing with little ones. It's freaking awesome! And, I'm not sure what it is about those Signing videos, but babies seem to love them. You turn it on, and even at a very young age, Asher was mesmerized. And, I don't feel guilty because it's so educational. Hooray for signing!

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