Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Asher's apps: TRUCKS

This is by far a hit in our house. Trucks - by Duck Duck Moose - is so engaging and visually well designed. There are various "games" to play with different trucks. Our current favorites are loading and hauling piles of dirt and gravel and taking cars through a car wash (after getting them muddy first, of course). It's not free ($1.99) but well worth the money. If you have a boy that loves trucks, this may be an investment you need to make. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two boys. One tub.

Rusty usually does the bath time routine each night. (I know, I'm lucky right? He rocks.) So, I've only really overseen the double bath duty a few times. (I'm usually downstairs having quiet time while cleaning the disaster from dinner.) But, the handful of times that I do handle bath time -- I bust out the camera. I simply can't help it. Those two big noggins playing happily in the bubbles. Must. Take. Photos. Tonight, the boys were in our big tub (thanks to water damage from Asher's shenanigans in their bathroom). I busted out the big guns and took way too many pictures with my 'real' camera. So, if you don't like looking at cute babies in bubbles, you may want to skip this picture post.

Those last two. The first, a random kiss from big bro to little bro. The second, Asher was giving Elias buckets of water and exclaiming, "Happy Valentine's Day Elias!" Guess Valentine's Day had a real, lasting impression on Asher Ray. :)

It snowed on Saturday.

It was unexpected. And it kept snowing - all day long. Asher told us, "There is a lot of snow out there." We knew it was just a dusting, but I bet it sure was fantasticly amazing to our boy. He wanted to take lots of pictures himself, and step outside every few minutes just long enough to feel the flakes.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Santa Claus came to town, y'all

I know what you're thinking... that was SO two months ago. True story for sure.

But I vow to not let the internet reach Valentine's Day without seeing my boys' Christmas memories.

Without further adieu (is that how to spell that?) -- here you go.

Looking for Santa after church. Asher just knew he saw him up there.

So we had to quickly! quickly! scatter our reindeer food.

But not rush inside so fast that Mom didn't require a picture with her boys.

Santa leaves notes - and apparently giant bouncy houses!

Asher bypased the bouncy house and beelined to the MAILBOX!

And sweet Elias. He just took it all in. Flashing those dimply grins.

Love this look. Glad I finally caught it with the camera.

Same look. Better angle. More love.

Cheers! With cousins.

I believe this was the third time our living room was filled with presents to open that day.

Grammy and Grandpop talking to Elias. How sweet is that?

"Oh. Now wait. Let me see here. What is this?"

"About time you guys hooked me up with one of these sweet rides."

And believe it or not... more photos coming soon. Just gotta grab them from my dad's files. Stay tuned!
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