Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two boys. One tub.

Rusty usually does the bath time routine each night. (I know, I'm lucky right? He rocks.) So, I've only really overseen the double bath duty a few times. (I'm usually downstairs having quiet time while cleaning the disaster from dinner.) But, the handful of times that I do handle bath time -- I bust out the camera. I simply can't help it. Those two big noggins playing happily in the bubbles. Must. Take. Photos. Tonight, the boys were in our big tub (thanks to water damage from Asher's shenanigans in their bathroom). I busted out the big guns and took way too many pictures with my 'real' camera. So, if you don't like looking at cute babies in bubbles, you may want to skip this picture post.

Those last two. The first, a random kiss from big bro to little bro. The second, Asher was giving Elias buckets of water and exclaiming, "Happy Valentine's Day Elias!" Guess Valentine's Day had a real, lasting impression on Asher Ray. :)

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Anonymous said...

Eighth picture up from the last one in tub pictures, I see more favor of Asher and Rusty than ever before. He always looks like Kira. Elias looks like Asher now, but he changes more than Asher.

Love you all, Mema

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