Thursday, December 6, 2012

A & E

I have a little cross necklace with two circle charms on the same chain. One charm says A. The other, E.

Tonight, Asher noticed it. He told me, "You have letters on that, Mom."

I said, "Yes, do you know what they are?"

He identified them and said "That one says Asher," when he noted the A.

I explained, "I have the A and E on my necklace because the A is for Asher and the E is for Elias. I wear them because I'm your mommy and I love you so much that I want to wear your letters."

He listened intently. Then stood up, crossed the kitchen to where I sat on the floor and wrapped his arms around me.

I don't want to forget this sweet moment. Man I love these boys.
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