Friday, July 8, 2011

Catching up: a day at Falls Lake

Yep. You can stop worrying. We're all alive and well over here. I'm not even sure what happened to prevent me from blogging for so long. I think it's probably partly because I knew I had a ton of photos I wanted to share from my new camera and the whole uploading, editing, posting seemed overwhelming. Because I have THAT many photos I'm in love with.

So, anyways, here goes some catching up.

Asher and I went and spent the day at Falls Lake with my parents a few weeks back. It was super hot out side, but thankfully their camper had AC and all that good stuff. Rusty had a lot of work to do, so we packed up and left him to do his thing for the day. (I still don't understand why he can't get work done with Asher tugging on his leg and me stopping him every two seconds. Humpfh.)

Here are some pics from the day. Asher's really loving the water these days. And, of course, he's as attached to nature as always. Love it.

Well, while they were there, my dad got bit on the eye by a wasp. And, whoa, it swelled up like you wouldn't believe. And, I'm not going to post a picture without his permission. It was that bad. So, Rusty, Asher and I went back the next day to oversee the packing up of everything and ensure it was safe for him to drive home. Here are pics from that day. (Told you I had a lot of pics.)

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