Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meet our little guy!

Look at that sweet face.
(Profile, little mouth is opening. We watched him swallow fluid.)

Here are his 'boy parts'. (Sorry, kid, had to do it!) Rusty couldn't decipher what he was seeing, so we saw it from all angles until Rusty got the hang of it.

Side profile - look closely and you'll see his teeth buds. (Note: bright white = bone)

Look inside the brain. Looking smart, naturally.

Here's a side profile shot. You can see his tiny ear and his arm going up by his neck. Adorable.

"Hi, mom and dad. I love you, too. This little wave is just for you."

He's looking straight at us in this one. You can see his eye socket, nose, and his right arm and hand waving.


Peter Lawrence said...

These pics are awesome, you guys! How exciting for you. Andrew and little Kroboth will be able to play ball together!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing! The pics are just amazing! Thanks so much for sharing! God is so good! I keep praying for Him to continue to bless this young man and his proud Mom and Dad! Great Auntie is pretty proud of him too! Love you! G. Auntie Susan <3

Al said...

A Pirate for sure! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!
We love ya'll,
L'unkle L'al

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