Thursday, June 12, 2008


So, a colleague and I were talking about the marvel of dip. We admitted we'd make a whole dish and eat it as a meal (all alone). We then decided that there should be a lunch entirely devoted to dip. Thus began the DipClub of Capstrat. We even have our own page on the Capstrat Wiki.

The June edition of the DipClub Lunch was opened to the entire office, after a successful trial run in May with a smaller crowd. And we ended up with about 20 different dips. It was so yummy.

You should really start one at your job. Here are the official rules:
  • You must bring a dip to eat a dip. Oh, and this must be a homemade dip. No running to the store for chips and salsa, or any such cheating.
  • You will be asked to share your dip's name in the days before, to avoid duplicates. Afterwards, we all share our recipes.
  • You must bring a serving container, serving apparatus (spoon) and a dip ingestion tool. This can include but is not limited to: tortilla chips, potato chips, pita chips, veggies, wheat thins, etc.


joshandannewester said...

Kira, Yay! I am so glad you have a blog. Me and my sister were just singing the praises of dips the other day. We too could eat dips for complete meals, in fact, she had a dinner party with only dips. she's the master, I am the taster. Your work dip-da-dip-da-dip party looked tasty, what a great tradition. Anne

nick said...

kira, start sending me the good recipes. i want good salsas. so if you come along any that you might think i'd like, save them up and i'll get them on my next trip to NC.

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