Saturday, January 30, 2010

Update from our crib

Well, it snowed! Yay! I'd say there are maybe 5 inches here, and lots of icicles. Jax is romping around and I'm sitting around baking and eating and cooking and eating. And drinking water galore to make up for my lack of activity. I feel swollen already.

Anyways, Rusty is finally home from work and we had a nice dinner of white chicken chili with a side of sausage balls. I'm trying to not think about cookies already, but they may be in our future, too.

Before I forget, let me tell the story of what happened at Duke Perinatal on Friday - pre snowstorm. We went to meet with their gestational diabetes specialist. She starts the appointment by saying, "You have the strangest labs I've ever seen. Your numbers make no sense." Oh goodie.

Translation: It seems that the lab (Quest Diagnostics, stay away) did something wrong with my numbers. Or I'm a medical mystery, which could be true too, I suppose. But, she tends to think they entered all the numbers backwards meaning I would have normal glucose levels - and no gestational diabetes. She said we could put me on the diet plan and risk a scrawny baby (no, thanks) or do the three-hour glucose (torture) test again (no, thanks). So, we decided to send me home with a blood glucose meter to keep track of things for a week. And she said - eat whatever you want. This will allow us readings of my blood sugar in a normal week, and hopefully deduce if I'm a crazy medical case, a gestational diabetic or neither! We go back to Duke on Thursday for an ultrasound (yay!) and to go over the glucose meter readings.

So far, from what I've read and heard, my numbers seems ok. She didn't give me parameters (probably so I wouldn't try to fix myself and taint the results), so I'm sleuthing to get some numbers to compare to.

I hope to come to a certain conclusion on Thursday and have peace of mind. Talk about a mix up that causes all kinds of stress. Geesh.

Here are a few pics from our day. Note Jax peeing in the bottom corner of the house pic. Hee hee.

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