Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby Asher

There it is. Our sweet boy's sweet name. (Rusty would probably prefer I choose another adjective, but I like sweet.)

So, where did the name come from? When we found out the babe was a boy we were surprised. (We already had our girl name picked out and all signs (aka wives tales) seemed to point to little lady.) So, there we are, waiting for the doctor to come in and trying to absorb that we officially knew we were having a little boy. I was immediately obsessed with the fact that I had no boy names in mind at all - and he needed a name. Pronto.

Rusty, meanwhile, decided it'd be great to pick our kid's name based on its relationship to music somehow.

In comes the iPhone. You knew the iPhone had to play a crucial role in this huge decision, right?

We start browsing Rusty's music list. Asher jumped out at me. It's the artist's name who sings this ridiculous song about college. Rusty says "Yes!". I thought I'd have a tough time getting Rusty to agree to a more original name, so his warming to the name Asher was great for me. I thought, if this is how it has to happen, I'm down with it.

I did a name meaning search like a good mom. Turns out, Asher is Hebrew for happy and blessed. Two words that I hope will continue to describe our son throughout his life. *sigh* Love it.

Asher's middle name, Ray, is my dad's middle name. We think it's a perfect match with Asher and brings along with it a little southern drawl. Adorable.

Little baby Asher Ray. Our little guy.

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