Sunday, January 24, 2010

It appears I have gestational diabetes. (Cue support now.)

I don't have any details yet. I just know that the doc called on Friday to tell me that I didn't pass the three-hour test. I have been referred to Duke Perinatal to meet with a specialist.

My OB nurse (aka Lucky Bearer of the News) mentioned that this is very manageable - though unsettling. She said I'd be using one of those little diabetic gadgets to check my blood sugars daily. Then, there will be the diet changes that will be discussed with me. Some have to take insulin shots. She didn't mention that to me, but I'll get the official results and plan of action at Duke.

I do remember hearing the words "more ultrasounds" to monitory the baby's size. Finally - a positive; I'll get to see him more. This will medically be to keep an eye on his size. Babies of mommies with gestational diabetes get large, large, large.

I am purposefully avoiding googling 'gestational diabetes'. I don't want to freak myself out. I will remain blissfully almost-ignorant until my appointment rolls around. Hopefully, I'll hear back and official appointment date and time tomorrow. And then, we'll become GD experts.

It's all worth it. Baby Asher is so worth it.

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