Sunday, January 31, 2010

How amazing!

The Avent Ferry United Methodist Church here in Raleigh decided to have their Sunday service online today - because of the weather. Per the norm, I woke up and checked my phone to see what was going on on Facebook. I saw that my aunt Susan mentioned the online service because she saw it on the news. I was intrigued. What a wonderful use of social media!

I just went to the church's fan page on Facebook (props to them for having a fan page!) and was amazed by what I saw. Surely, there was a service to read along with - complete with a link to a video for the hymn, prayer requests and participation from others via prayer requests, amen's and comments. They even included the fellowship that usually follows a service (chit chat's in the parking lot, etc.) and people posted photos of their snow adventures and other celebrations. How truly amazing!

(How did this get on the news? Apparently, the pastor invited a friend who is communications director for the Methodist conference and he sent out a release. I think more media outlets should pick up this story!)

This makes me smile. I applaud the church's creativity and outreach. God is good!

Link to worship page here.

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