Friday, January 29, 2010

There is snow coming, little one.

Snow is coming. I'm looking forward to a weekend of pj's, warmth, hibernating and lots of baby flips in my belly. You see, Asher, your daddy is super duper majorly important and has to to go to work during snow like this. (Don't dare tell him otherwise.) You and I are going to stay home, research our new information on gestational diabetes, eat our new diet foods and bond. I'll likely hang out in your nursery for long periods of time, staring at all of your little things. I'll plan out how to hang your alphabet cards. I'll yell at Jax for trying to walk off with a toy or two. I'll tiptoe in the snow, walk carefully and keep you warm. Your daddy will be jealous he missed out on all the fun.

And then, you'll nudge around in there and I'll smile.We do that all the time, you and me.

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