Monday, January 4, 2010

Date night, I wore my new hot pink tights.

My approach to feeling spunky while growing larger = hot pink tights.

And, just an overall attempt to look better, dress well and feel spunky. And, two days in, this approach is working. See exhibit A above. (This doesn't mean that I am not sporting leggings and sweats around the house and the Harris Teeter, mind you.)

Let me just say, though, that I think the pregnancy hair has arrived. (Knock on wood.) Early on, I was griping because my skin was breaking out (It's cleared up.) and my hair was falling out and would not cooperate. And now, my hair is so agreeable. It doesn't need washing as often, it's thicker, its even gets wavy now and then. It's manageable. It's quite divine. (Note: This could also be related to my hair coloring trip to the salon, but I'd like to think this pregnancy is helping me out.)

Also on the scene: My growing chest (sorry Dad). Growing thighs, growing butt. Growing belly (yay!). I've added Dr. Scholl's gell thingies to my wardrobe, as the items above are wreaking havoc on my feetsies.

Oh, and that sneeze and pee thing I kept hearing about. You can check that off the list, too. (I quickly learned over Christmas that you can exchange 'sneeze' for 'cough' and it's still accurate.)

Enough rambling, I suppose. I'm loving this phase of pregnancy. It feels great to feel him kicking and squirming around. 25 weeks today! 105 days to go. Yay!

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