Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Glucose tolerance test, whoopee!

Well, I failed my one-hour glucose screening at my OB. So, today, I got to go to Quest Diagnostics (yay me) for the three-hour glucose tolerance test. It's the next step up in testing and will likely come back normal, but if not, I will be diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I should know in 48-72 hours.

It's all worth it.

But, to be honest, it sucked.

The stuff was twice as strong as the glucose orange drink from the first test. And I had to start fasting last night. Not so much as a drop of water until the test was over. Blah. It was nasty. It made my head throb, my whole body jittery and overall, just feel gross. And I had to sit there for over three hours and have my blood drawn over and over. Not trying to host a pity party here, just venting.

I came home, ate some grub and took a nap. And I still feel all wacky.

But, there is salsa chicken in the crock pot. (Night two of new recipes from a friend. Last night was cream cheese spinach casserole. Yummy.) And there will be basketball on TV and maybe the Tarholes will lose again. And there's a baby in my belly. And my husband will come home from work and snuggle me. Life is good. 

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