Monday, June 8, 2009

El Kroboth Fiesta Forever

Richie and Anna Clay (Rusty's brother and sister in law) hosted a fabulous party for us on Saturday night. Since we are keeping our wedding small, most of our friends won't be celebrating with us on that official date. So, Richie and AC wanted to throw a party. And a party they threw!
The backyard was adorable with fiesta linens and tiki torches, a tub of beer and a huge dispenser of margaritas with fresh limes floating on top. Yum. (AC, multiple people said those were the best margs they've ever had. Yup.)
Rusty and Richie set up a big sheet (with the help of the neighbors) on the swing set and we projected our music videos throughout the party. Then, once it was nice and dark, we busted out the old school Nintendo games for a little competition. (You know you're thinking - ooh, I wanna play Super Mario right now!)
It was a great evening with great friends. Rusty and I are very thankful for each of you and looking forward to many fantastic memories (and fiestas) in the years ahead. Many thanks to AC and Richie for a job fabulously well done! Couldn't have been more fiesta-ly perfect.

El Kroboth Fiesta Forever!

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