Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Second Chance Prom

So, yes, we're the weirdos who attend the local radio station's wacked-out events. But this one was AWESOME! Imagine a night dressed up all pretty with hip hop geniuses Young MC, Rob Base, Tone Loc and Coolio. Holy fabulous!

Here we are getting our traditional prom photos taken prior to dinner. And yes, we did the full-out matching prom flower apparel, too.

The place was PACKED. The wait for a drink took about 45 minutes. I commandeered a stool somewhere during the night and sat on it in line one time. My feet were blistering up; ladies, you know how that is. In the end, we double-fisted our drinks so we could enjoy the show rather than stand in line.

Not sure that you can truly appreciate the stellar people watching that this prom provided. It was quite the mid-rapping entertainment.

I needed a break for my feet. Here I am sitting in the corner with my two Coronas.

Tone Loc = Rusty and Charles's hero.

Boy were they pumped!

Our little group. Forgive Charles for making a strange face and messing up this group shot.

Tone Loc is the man. He sings Wild Thing and the stage is overtaken with ladies. I couldn't find my way through the crowd to get up there before the bouncer started regulating. (That makes me so sad. I wanted my moment with Tone Loc on stage.)

Here are a couple of videos. Tone Loc and his posse and Coolio and his posse. (Rusty has not yet granted me permission to post the video of him rapping 'Bust a Move' along with Young MC.) Turn up your volume. I am beyond impressed with the video and sound quality from my new digi cam. Wowzers!

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