Monday, September 15, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding

Just got back from Minneapolis for Denise and Mike's wedding! Congrats Leachs! (D - Is that the proper spelling in this instance? Please advise.)

SIDEBAR: I always like to tell the story of how Denise and I met. We were both attending an 8 a.m. summer school class at NCSU. We were told to introduce ourselves to a classmate as an icebreaker activity. Denise and I spotted each other immediately because in a sea of sorority girls all dolled up in their makeup and cutesy outfits, we were both in pajamas. From that moment on - solid friends!

Back to present day - Little jet lagged and a lot exhausted! I think I'm getting too old for a weekend of partying. You add in airline travel and I'm just a zombie.

So, Rusty and I arrived on Friday afternoon (see airport story below for that drama) and pretty much went straight to the rehearsal and cookout. We shared a rental car with Tisha, Anup and baby girl Shah. It was great to spend time such quality time with them! (And baby girl Shah clearly needed to spend some bonding time with her Auntie Kira.)

Rusty and Mike partying it up the night before the big day.

Tisha, Anup and baby! And yes, we all wore nametags. But, really, they were so helpful!

A little post-rehearsal party action because we are cool like that.

The next morning, bright and early, I awake determined to put my own hair up to save a little moolah. And it worked! Off to the mall for a little glamor action and then to the church. We said our pre-wedding prayer and were ready to go. It was a sweet ceremony and there were quite a few criers.

Here we are with the happy couple!

Reliving the college days. Dancing the night away. If you know us at all, I don't need to explain this photo.

I made a video for D and Mike to show at the reception. It's pretty cute, and sappy. It's a wedding after all. But I made it as fun as I could. :) It lives here if you are curious:

After breakfast with everyone, we loaded up to head to the airport. But not without a stop at the Mall of America. Wow! That place was overwhelming and totally fabulous. I could spend weeks there, seriously. The rides were calling our names, but we just didn't have a lot of time to spend there. Sadness.

Here's a pic of the indoor amusepark park.

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