Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things I love about the Disney cruise

1. The horn.
2. Sailing away with Ariel, Nemo and all the freaking princesses!
3. Feeling like a kid, but being treated as a (spoiled) adult.
4. Beer.

5. Margaritas.
6. Margaritas for breakfast.
7. The big port holes.
8. Cartoons on a giant screen, poolside, with beer.
9. Disney shows every night.
10. Singing along.
12. My favorite pirate.

14. Um, a separate bathroom and shower.
15. Did I mention the horn?
16. Johnny Depp.

17. All those cheesy contests and prizes. Get glow sticks!
18. Having the whole ship to myself in Nassau. (Such a dirty place.)
19. A gym, if I ever got the urge to work out. :)
20. Private island. Because every girl needs one; if only for a day.

21. Hammocks on a private island, with margaritas.
22. Dancing and singing waiters.
23. Disney everything. Disney. Disney. Disney. Mine. Mine. Mine.
24. Cleanliness like I've never seen before. Amazing.
25. Shouldn't Chip & Dale visit you every day at the pool?

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