Monday, December 1, 2008

I went on vacation with an iPhone (and it wasn't mine)

Yes, friends, it'd been a full four months since my wacky Jamaican experience and I was ready, oh so ready, for my Disney Cruise Line vacation over Thanksgiving break with the Kroboth family. I was excited to embark on another adventure with my favorite vacationer. I laid in bed at night dreaming of the fun airport antics, people watching and commentating, photo ops, Disney moments - you get the picture.

So, imagine my surprise and disappointment when I found myself on the back burner for my favorite vacationer's new favorite thing - the iPhone.

To be fair, I did steal a moment of attention while the iPhone went through the security machine at the airport on the way to Orlando. But other than that, it stayed on in-flight (hidden from the flight attendants), provided music as we boarded, flew, un-boarded, found a lunch spot, etc. Oh, and it tracked every second of the UNC/NCSU game during lunch (which I didn't mind that much because we were beating the Tarholes).

We met our private driver in Orlando to take us to the port and the iPhone wanted to use that time to test its new GPS app. And then later that night, the iPhone wanted to be fancy and use the UrbanSpoon app to question my dinner spot recommendation. (Never question what comes highly recommended on TripAdvisor, I say.)

The next morning, the iPhone boarded the Disney Wonder along with my favorite vacationer. Again, I had a fleeting moment of attention as it went through the security machine. The iPhone remained with me throughout the entire cruise. It demanded to test its GPS app each night. And at any point that things seemed too 'dull', it'd fire itself up and occupy my favorite vacationer. Meanwhile, I was relaxed, drink in hand, entertained by everything around me on the beautiful ship on a lovely ocean. (I wanted nothing to do with my Crackberry, for fear that an accidental email would slip through!)

And one last note, after the cruise, the iPhone tried to guide my favorite vacationer to our hotel in Savannah via its fancy apps and directions. But it didn't work. Nope. They were mislead and got lost. However, in my car, with my trusty old, well-rested Blackberry Pearl and it's old-fashioned Google apps - we found our way right to the hotel. Hmm, that iPhone is such a show off.

My favorite vacationer asked if I wanted an iPhone for Christmas. My reply - "No, thanks. I've spent enough time with yours."

All you app developers out there, I challenge you. Write something that tracks the user's amount of time on the device and sends out auto love notes or cutesy messages to us neglected ladies during long periods of iPhone-ness. At least then we can pretend that we're not being ignored.

Here are few pics of the great time I had on vacay with the iPhone.

(Editor's note: Don't be fooled, the iPhone was in use here. It's just out of this shot. I mean, who could need any further entertainment when being jammed in a car full of peeps, including an adorable three-year old?)

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