Thursday, January 29, 2009

My mom was a hoochie?

Ok, so my mom was not a hoochie - for the record. Times were different back then, totally. Apparently micro-mini's were casual-everyday-wear.

But, we were sitting around at Christmas and somehow really old videos had resurfaced as a DVD courtesy of a great-uncle. And up flashes Mom and Gail, coming home for Christmas morning.

And they were wearing the minniest of mini skirts! And high boots!

And I thought, "Wow, I get nervous about wearing something like that out to a bar, and here was my mom wearing it home for family Christmas!" It was delightful!

I had them rewind and pause and rewind and pause, so I could try to capture a picture of the screen and post on here. This is the best I've got, but Mom is on the left. Gail's on the right. Check them out!

I'd say for sure my mom's a hottie!

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nick said...

bwahhhh. this is awesome. so funny dude. nice catch.

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