Sunday, July 5, 2009

"If you get married on June 20, you are going to be married a long, long time."

Those were Grandpop Kroboth's words to us on our wedding day.

You see, when we set out to plan our day, we picked June 20. Why? Well, because it was soon (and we wanted soon) and it was a Saturday (and we wanted a Saturday) and did I mention it was soon? Well, a few days after word spread of our 'official date', we got a phone call. We had picked the date of Grammy and Grandpop's 67th Anniversary! I got a huge a grin on my face (and in my heart). This day was going to be perfect and this marriage was going to be as close to perfect as life can offer (see, I'm not totally naive.) It was meant to be.

So, at our backwards wedding (reception before the ceremony), we had a tribute to that happy couple. We displayed a photo of their engagement day and had a cake made just for them.
They are still in love. 67 years later and they are still in like, too. They are adorable and according to them, we're going to be married a long, long time. Sounds perfect.

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