Thursday, July 9, 2009

Joni Belle, this one's for you.

I watched this dance last night on my fave show So You Think You Can Dance. And as I watched, it brought tears to my eyes and chills to my arms and legs. Two beautiful dancers tell the gripping story of addiction, left open to my interpretation.

And in my case, to tell the story of my precious sister and what's she's been through and going through. I watched it again, thinking of her strength to walk away from a love that wasn't right for her. I watched it reminding myself of my past, of the times I walked away from someone that wasn't good for me. Of walking away time and time again - and finally, for good. I reminded myself of that pain and hardship, and made a mental note to show her this dance, play her this song and pledge my support again to help her through this time.

Belle, I remember how hard it was for me. But I also remember feeling proud of myself and leaning on others for support and love to replace that temporary void. Let us know how to help you. Hold that gorgeous head high. Remember that the true love that God has picked out for you comes with no doubts and with a love story meant just for you. It'll be imperfect, but it'll be so perfect. That's worth waiting for and being strong for.

I love you bigger than the universe.

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Anonymous said...

thanks ka! brought tears to my eyes too.. even though everything does these days. that was def worth watching and reading for that matter. thanks again! I love you BIGGER than the Universe, too.

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