Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby Boy, oh, all the stuff you'll need!

The pile of Baby Boy's stuff is growing at our house. We have a hand-me-down Basset crib (pretty sure it was never used) and mattress. Then there's his little growing wardrobe (note to self: get some of those cute baby hangers). And then there's the papason (how do you spell that?) vibrating chair and exersaucer that BFF Baby Hailey passed down.

So, I think this weekend we need to tackle the upstairs. If only just a little; so that my OCD-organizing-nesting side is at least a little satisfied that progress is being made. Stay tuned. We're going to relocate Rusty's office to the guest room and set up the crib! And I need to tackle refinishing the dresser that once belonged to my mom as a kid. Yay!

Oh, and can I just say that baby registries are adorably fun? Thanks to my friends who are expecting and/or new parents, I've gotten the shortcut list on the must-haves and best-haves. So, I'm working on Baby Boy's wish list. I'm trying hard to avoid Babies r Us (horrible return policy and hate the Raleigh store). So far, Baby Boy is registered at Walmart and Target. Fun, fun, fun times!

Little guy, you are loved.

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