Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Relief for my feet - pregnant ladies, go buy some!

So, we're in Vegas.

Walking and walking and walking and walking.

After a long day of traveling.

And my feet were over it (not to mention my ankles, hips, back, tailbone and uterus) (And yes, I typed uterus.). My tennis shoes were worn out as it was and add all this extra weight and all this extra activity and my feet had had it.

So, we finally reached our destination of The Fashion Show mall on the strip (after walking from Bally's - eek!) and I said - family, I need some new tennis shoes - pronto.

Cue the Puma store.

I walked in, plopped down, tried on a few pairs and walked away with these sneakers. The sales lady said something about technology that took pressure off knees and hips - but really they just felt amazing. And the best, best, best part - you lace them once and then they become slip on's! Yes, i don't have to bend over and lace tennis shoes. I just slip them on and they still are nice, snug and supportive. I can only fathom how amazing this technology will be for me in the months to come.

So, pregnant ladies - go get some! I'm sure they are on sale around the Web or malls. They were in Vegas!

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