Monday, February 1, 2010

O.M.G. 2009 vs. 2010

So, I'm standing in the kitchen last night. Rusty, strategically, says, "Hey, come stand right here in front of the oven. I'm going to take your picture as you take the food out of the oven."

I thought - uh, ok.

He continued, "I want to get a pregnancy picture."

So, I did it. In my snowed-in-unwashed-hair-baggy-pajamas-not-showered glory - I did it.

Then he grins. And says, "Now look. This picture (flips through iPhone) is last year at Valentine's Day. The one I just took is a year later. Wow, what a difference!"

My mind - this isn't going to be pretty.

I immediately wanted to defend why I looked so crappy (see run-on-description-above). And it's legit. But what's even more legit is I'm 29 weeks preggo (today) and I'm growing our son.

I'm going to post this as inspiration to shrink back to 'normal' immediately following delivery. I believe Rusty's words were something along the lines of I'll go right back to how I was like a rubber band, super simple, really fast, he'll have his wife back.

Yeah. Hope he's right. Especially now that we have this glorious, glorious comparison.

(Now, applaud my bravery for posting... Please. Then email my husband and remind him to tell me I'm beautiful everyday, as opposed to comments about how much I've 'grown'.)

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