Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rusty @ Rex for birthing classes

We had our first 'preparing for childbirth' class last week. And it went great. I mainly signed us up so that Rusty could have a constructive environment (without iPhones or laptops) to be forced to learn about the birthing process (and not relying on him to read a long book). And I told him this was my goal; he was ok with it. So, off we went.

Verdict: We learned a lot. We learned about the stages of labor and methods of relaxation. I think what I appreciate most was that our instructor is a doula and approached everything from the standpoint of the important role of the dad. She made it clear that he was expected to be actively involved, and just how to do that at each stage of labor. Rusty was totally zoned into all the visuals. It was just great. Great bonding time. I didn't freak out by what I saw or heard (hello, I've tuned into all the baby shows on TLC and Discovery since college). Rusty seemed calm, too. Success.

Fast forward to this week.I stayed away from class because of my cold. I suggested Rusty go without me, then said he didn't need to go at all if he didn't want to. But, he said he'd go. Cue major husband points here.

Here were his takeaways (this week included a birth video and tour of the birthing center):
  • "I need to come home and snuggle. I watched THE birth video. I'm traumatized."
  • "Did you know you have to deliver the placenta after the baby?"
  • "All babies look ugly when they come out. All purple and bloody and wet with coneheads. Our baby is going to have a pointy head." (Me: But you will think he's beautiful and you will love him.)
  • "There was a baby in the nursery with a whole afro. It was born with a complete afro!"
  • "There is wireless internet in the birthing center. I'll be able to keep everyone updated on Facebook during labor and delivery."
  • "Delivery could take a long time. We'll need to see about having your sister there so I can take a break." (Me: I don't get a break, you don't get a break.)
  • "There was one hot pregnant chick in the other class. She looked so hot and just her belly looked pregnant - that's all. Other than that, you couldn't tell she was even pregnant! I bet she started out super skinny." (Me: Yes, I bet she did. Skinny biatch.)
  • "You know you can reach down during labor and touch the baby? You should do that!"
Are you laughing? I'm laughing as I type these. And yes, they were his real learnings. I'm so proud of him for going without me, watching the video, paying attention and playing the role of involved dad-to-be.

Love you, Krobe.

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