Thursday, February 4, 2010

Update on Asher

Today, Rusty and I went back to Duke Perinatal to follow up on my gestational diabetes appointment last week. I've been checking my blood sugar levels four times a day, noting what I'm eating and keeping up with how many hours after meals that I'm checking the levels. I had it all outlined in my little notebook, detailed by time and date. Hello, I'm organized.

So, first we had our ultrasound. Everything about Asher looks great. He's head down and was facing my spine, so we didn't get a good facial view. He's measuring about two weeks big and has been since around 19 weeks. They estimate him to weigh 3 lbs. 10 oz! He's a big, healthy boy. We are so blessed.

The doc comes flying in, totally reminding us of Dr. Yang from Grey's except really friendly and smily. She said super excitely that everything looks great. Asher's size is about the 55th percentile, which is good. We went through my notebook of blood sugar levels and she seemed pleased. We then met with the diabetes specialist and she said I'm all clear. I now know what makes my levels a little high and can avoid those foods. She said the lab messed up and she'll report back to my OB that that is her verdict.

So, no gestational diabetes for now. I'll keep check on my levels a few times a week just be sure nothing changes. And we got to see our growing Asher again. I call him Biggie, like the rapper. Biggie Smalls. Ha.

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