Saturday, March 27, 2010

36 weeks, 5 days

Almost 37 weeks.

Almost full term.

This little guy could come anytime, really.

Today, I went to my dear Tisha's sprinkle (versus shower). When I left she said, I guess the next time I see you will be at Rex. Which is probably true. Wow.

We're ready. Well, almost. Need to pack the hospital bag. And get a Jax plan in place. Then, we're ready. Well, as ready as we can ever be I suppose.

So exccciiiiiittttttttting!!!!!!!!

I've discovered my new probably favorite shirt. It's this thin, long-sleeved, roomy, cozy sweatshirt from Rusty's side of the closet. There are great items on that side of the closet. I shall wear it a lot.

Now, back to relaxing.

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