Monday, March 29, 2010

Couponing - I might be boarding the coupon train!

So, yesterday, I searched through the paper while at Cille's house and got lots of coupons. I know there is a lot of money to be saved. And there are tons of bargains to be had. And those who know are aware that I love a good deal; I'll search through a store all day for a great price.

Anyways, I cut some coupons and made my way to Harris Teeter last night for their triple coupon days. Just to see what I could do. I didn't really need to do any shopping since I stocked up last week, but I figured a few staple items were worth the saving adventure.

I ended up with a total of $47 before savings and $26 afterwards. All stuff we use regularly, too. (And, I should note, I had about $10 worth of dip supplies in there to satisfy my craving that had nothing to do with the coupons.) Not bad, eh?

I cannot wait to dig in more and start saving right and left. Yippee fun.

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Anonymous said...

haha...i love couponing!

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