Thursday, March 4, 2010

I have sleep in my eyes.

I have sleep in my eyes.And in my hair and on my face and in my legs and all over.

I have sleep - well, the lack thereof - on my mind.

Because I think I'm never going to get any anymore.

I'm officially not sleeping.

I'm peeing almost hourly. Then, to get up and go to the bathroom is like a workout:

  • Roll to the side facing the bathroom, walk myself up with my arms into sitting position (using abs = contraction). 
  • Swing legs over side of bed (watch out for pillows). 
  • Put one foot on the floor, then the other and slowly test handling my own weight. Apparently all of those ligaments are doing their stretching things, which leads me to wonder if if my legs are going to come unglued from my pelvis en route to the bathroom.
  • Hobble to the bathroom.
  • Come back, throw myself back into my pillow fortress. 
  • Aplogize to Rusty for snoring (this is usually multiple times a night). 
  • Check for Breathe Right strip's stickiness (which apparently isn't extreme enough for pregnancy snoring). Drink some water to sooth snoring throat.
  • Take note of heartburn. Sit upright, if needed.
  • Try to go back to sleep. If not, check Facebook for others.
Repeat. A lot.

At least Asher seems to sleep through the night these days.

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