Friday, March 19, 2010

Today is March 19. Due date is April 19. One month (or less) to go.

Hard to believe we'll be full term in about a week and a half! But not so hard to believe, really. I'm so ready to meet Asher. He's currently lodging a body part into my right rib cage, reminding me that he's getting big and will be here soon.

What I'm looking forward to:
  • My pedicure tomorrow at The Umstead to celebrate Unt Melus's birthday.
  • A beautiful spring weekend with Big Pappa.
  • The cleaning lady coming next weekend for the big pre-Asher clean up.
  • Sleeping on my stomach (and not wanting to smack Rusty for looking so cozy stomach-sleeping next to me).
  • Regaining control of my sinuses and halting the snoring.
  • A margarita!!!!
  • Watching spring bloom around us, thinking it's the perfect time for new life.
  • Meeting our son. Seeing his face and holding him in my arms. And watching his daddy hold him.
What I'm not-so-much looking forward to:
  • Feeling huge from now until when he arrives. Continuing to swell and waddle and hearing people's diagnosis of how much I've dropped or how ready I look. (Yes, people, I'm ready and I'm probably going to look even more ready than you could imagine in the coming weeks.)
  • Having a battle with my wardrobe every morning.
  • Bathing suit time.
  • The scales.
  • Lack of sleep. For the rest of forever. Starting months ago.
I'm going to stop babbling now. 

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