Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend update

This weekend was delightful. And the spring weather just made it all the better.

Friday night, Rusty and I tried out a new restaurant in Glenwood South. I was desperate to go out on a date, try out a new spot (The Diner) and be normal. These are our last few weekends without being 'official' parents, you know. Well, the food wasn't that great, except for the fried pickles. Those were fabulous.

Saturday morning, I went with Melissa and crew to The Umstead for a spa birthday celebration. It was very relaxing and definitely a good way to spend the day. Her friends and family were super fun, too! Here's a pic of Melissa and I getting our luxury pedi's - hers with wine, mine with sparkling cider (which was divine, by the way).

Saturday night, we went on another date. This time with Ron and Liz, to Rudino's. Love that place, and I'm so glad that it's so close by. We also spotted a big outdoor deck they are adding - yay! We will have some great times there in the future, I do believe. Here's our self portrait.

Sunday is kind of a blur. I do believe the majority of my day was spent at Super Walmart stocking up on lots of things for the house and pantry. It was exhausting. Oh, and last night I made a cake. Just because I felt like it. And I replaced all the cake box direction ingredients with just chocolate pudding (cooked on the stovetop) for a lighter cake. It's super moist and yummy.

And now, we're back to a new work week. Monday, I'm 36 weeks pregnant. (This photo is a few days early, but still chronicles the growth.)

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Melissa said...

Kiras Ann -

I had a blast "spa-ing" with was relaxing and fun. We'll have to do it again when we save the money and after baby boy Asher has arrived! :) You look great...I keep reminding myself that in such a short time you will have a's hard to believe. In a few short weeks I will never just talk to you on the phone will be you and Asher...unreal.

I love you and miss your posts this week. :) I am going to try to get back into blogging myself. Good documentation...

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