Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My little (big) prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for this baby in my belly. Thank you for my husband and our growing family. And, thank you also for little Jax. Thanks for this love that I feel. It's so big - and I know it can only come from you.

Please watch over Asher. Please watch over my body. Help me to remember that you're in control here, and you are watching over us both. Help me to know when to be alarmed, and when to just 'let go and let God'. Help me to relax and trust in you.

Please be with us as Asher joins us. Give Rusty and me strength when labor time comes.

Please continue to take care of Asher and our family. Help us to raise him loving you. Guide us to make smart decisions as parents and learn lessons when we make mistakes. Remind us to be patient with each other, and with Asher. 

Help us to remember to keep you first in our hearts and trust in you. Let your will be done in our lives.

Grant us patience as we wait for his birth. Thank you for the many gifts and this biggest, super, most special gift of a child. We are so blessed.


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