Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Birth Plan

As a Web producer (fancy name for interactive project manager), I must have a plan, timeline, functional specs document and checklist for everything. I like to joke about how I 'produce' our trips, our dinners, other's trips, pretty much everything you can think of.

So, it comes as no surprise that we have a plan in mind for Asher's arrival. I realized there may be some value in sharing it on here, as it will involve our family and friends along the way. And as we begin to grow our little family, support from our loved ones is going to be super important.

Here's our plan - all prefaced by saying that this is all how I'm feeling now and how we have discussed this experience. We are first time parents, and aren't really sure what to expect. So, this is all subject to change without any notice. :)

The Birth Plan - We will be delivering at Rex. Our due date is 4/19. He could arrive anytime (wow!), as the doctor assured me yesterday. We are not putting together a detailed birth plan. We are pretty laid back people (despite my OCD tendencies) and my plan is to birth a healthy baby. How he arrives isn't something I want to worry myself over. In my mind, going in with a written document of my requests to the finest of details is only going to stress me out if it's not followed to a 'T'.

So, I am letting go here and letting God take us through this time. I am open to medication and we'll just see how it plays out. And I have all faith that Rusty will overcome his fear of all things needles, blood, procedures and hospitals and be the best coach ever!

The Waiting Game - As you can imagine, we're so ready to meet our son. I just cannot fathom that pretty soon, I'm going to be holding our son, our child, a person that comes from our love for each other, a blessing from God. We're going to be starting our family. Starting... well, anytime! So, for the next two weeks or so, I plan to spend as much quiet time as I can with Rusty and Jax. I plan to appreciate this time as just husband and wife (and a crazy dog).

We are so blessed to have so many family and friends that are super excited for us. (For the record, no one is as excited as we are!) If I'm being completely honest, the constant questions from all angles is getting exhausting. Even strangers think they need to know the status of my anatomy and comment on my size or how tired I am or how much sleep I need to get now. (You get the point.) And anyone who knows me knows that I'm far from modest and I typically share far more than the average person. But, in this situation, I feel like my body as we prepare for birth is ours. It's a very personal time. I'm struggling here with finding the right balance of updates and just turning my phone off and enjoying the peace and quiet.

So, to all who are reading, we'll let you know when we have news to announce. For now, it's just a waiting game. We appreciate all the good thoughts, prayers and love you can share!

The Labor - I can sum this up quickly: Me, Rusty and Asher and the medical staff. We plan to keep labor private. I really cringe at the thought of having others in the delivery room. Those TV shows where the whole family is there just doesn't mesh with me. So, I think it'll be just us. Unless of course Rusty passes out and we need a back up plan, but I won't worry about that right now. :)

The Announcement - Having a baby during such a connected time online is interesting. At one point I wanted to blog throughout labor. Then I realized I'd have a lot of people knowing a lot about a very intimate time. As this baby grows, and I realize the impact of what's about to happen in our lives, I find myself wanting to share that time with just Rusty and Asher and me. What a special, blessed time that will be.

With this mindset, we plan to share first photos and visits with immediate family members and close friends. We really appreciate everyone keeping this in mind as we become a family and get adjusted together as a unit of three (plus Jax).

I envision being in labor, sharing that joy, anticipation and (exhausting, overwhelming) experience with my husband. And then, meeting Asher and having the first hour or so to ourselves. Staring at his little features. Trying to nurse. Studying his toes and fingers. You get the happy little picture I'm painting here. (Ah, it's so exciting to think about it! Cannot believe that time is almost here.)

When we're ready, we'll make our big announcement! I have all ideas we'll immediately post his picture on Facebook and on my blog. We are Web nerds, afterall. But again, we want to be the one to make that post! (I have a friend whose brother found out about the birth of her little girl from a post on Facebook that someone else posted. Gasp!)

So, in summary, I want a relaxing (as possible), intimate birthing experience as we welcome our little guy into our arms and our world. I cannot imagine how much more I will love Rusty in that moment. And I cannot imagine how much I'm going to love this little person that I will have just met.

Stay tuned as I plan to blog about any updates that I can before Asher arrives! (And, it's safe to say I will probably leave out any and all anatomical details of progress or lack thereof.) Please keep the happy, healthy thoughts and prayers coming! For those we are so thankful.

We look forward to the many memories ahead to share with you!


Melissa said...

I think you have your 'plan' laid out perfectly. Nobody really knows what to expect, but you have to let your gut tell you what to do. I can tell you from experience, you will never feel closer to your new family, than that first moment when it is the 3 of you!

Angela said...

Kira: You have been so open during the pregnancy and shared so much that I'd like to encourage you to really tap into the much needed privacy of your first birthing experience. My family never got this much information from me when I was pregnant the first or second time, so I really hope all involved appreciate how much you've kept them in the loop. You have given so much and it is all documented here if they'd ever like to revisit it.
Go ahead and close the loop some now, and don't feel guilty about it for a minute.
As Melissa said, this is about the three of you. Families can be very anxious, especially grandparents. But I'm sure that anyone who loves you will respect your needs at this moment. This is for you and Rusty. Asher was created by you and I personally feel that you two should be the first people he sees once he opens what I am sure will be beautiful little eyes. Keep the family posted, but beyond that, make it personal. And I mean it! :-)

Rusty said...

aw I glad I married a planner! :)

Denise said...

I am so excited for your growing family. The entrance of Asher will be such a special time, so I am glad you will be soaking it all up as a family first. It should be just the way you want to remember it, because it will be one of your best memories :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kira, When I was pregnant, Cille told me that she did not want to come help after the baby was born. It was not because she didn't want to be there...but because she felt like it was a special time that Barry and I needed to bond with our sons. I know that if she could read your blog..she would totally agree with what you are saying! When you plan a wedding, you plan who will be there, what they will wear, where they will stand, etc...to me this is another milestone in Kroboth Family history...the first day with your beautiful Asher...and you have every right to plan exactly how you want it to be. Just let me know where, when and how I can help....and I will be there!!! Love you lots! Gail

Melissa said...

Love this post and love your "planning" habits. I appreciate you open-ness and honesty. Your family and friends understand how private this time is and we are just tickled for you and Rusty. Enjoy the present moments and the ones to come...cherish this family time. I love you~

Anna said...

Sounds like a great way to prepare for Asher's arrival and welcome him into the world. Good instinct to be quiet and protective during this time. This is a precious, once-in-a-lifetime time. Do what you need to do to fully soak it up! :)

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