Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Easter weekend

We had a nice, long, relaxing weekend at home.

Last night, we had a dinner date (yes, again) at Dos Taquitos. I hit up Target earlier in the afternoon for my 'last pre-Asher supply trip'. (Yeah, right. I've since learned we are out of Windex and almost out of TP.) I found this PJ shirt on clearance. I thought it'd be nice and cozy and good for post-baby sleepwear. I got home and thought, "Hmm, I can turn this into a new dinner outfit surely." So, here it is. PJ shirt, leggings, cardigan and some jewelry. Even Rusty thought it was cute.

And Laura Bryant, this queso is for you love bug.

This morning we went to the sunrise Easter service at Highland United Methodist Church. It was simple and pretty. Then, we came home and napped.

After napping, we walked around the fields down the street. Rusty flew his RC plane and Jax and I strolled the sidewalks. Then, we ventured to Lowe's for pine straw and some other odd's and end's. Rusty worked in the yard. I worked around the house. (I even started packing our hospital bag. I know; it's about time.)

Now about the yard - Rusty is determined to get grass growing in all the bald spots. Step one was the branch trimming months ago. Step two is spreading the grass seed and putting this blanket stuff over the seed so it will germinate (in theory). The pine straw really spruced things up along the front, side and back of the house.

He also weatherproofed our french doors with some new strips (to prevent the entry of snakes that he mentioned lat night could technically access our house until we got the new strips in place). Jax oversaw. The drill is by far his favorite tool.

And tonight, my mom came over to deliver my Easter basket from the Easter Bunny. She also brought along a goodie box for Asher from Josh and Anne all the way from out west! Check out the adorable fireman's boots and little rockstar shoes she found for Asher! Oh, they are freaking adorable. Thanks, Anne!

Mom also brought back a baby souvenir from their weekend at the beach and a sweet father/son book for Rusty to read to Asher. It's the sweetest story about different father animals and their advice to their little ones. I can't wait to see Rusty reading it to our little guy. Thanks, Mom! And thanks, Easter Bunny, for my goodies, too!

Enough babbling. I go to the doctor tomorrow for my 38-week check up. We'll see what they say!

Happy Easter, everyone!

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